If you need to extend or improve your IT systems then we can help. We provide a total solution making it our responsibility to meet your requirements leaving you the time to focus on your own business activities

We offer a fully managed installation services for hardware, Microsoft desktop & server applications, e-mail & Internet solutions, cabling and data communications and much more.




Desktop Solutions

Your PC is a lot like your car. You rely on both; it is difficult to get along without either one, and it is extremely inconvenient when one is down. Both represent a significant investment so, naturally, we want to get as much use as possible out of both.

Another similarity is you’ll get more use out of both your car and your PC with regular maintenance.



pc_helpLaptop Solutions

We are the leaders in supplying laptop accessories in the Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Our extensive range of products covers : Laptop Screens, Laptop Batteries, Laptop Chargers, Laptop Keyboards, Monitor Hinges, Laptop Optical Drives.





Networking Solutions

In today’s world of telecommuting, the demands of building a scalable network for your organization are getting tougher. Making sure your networking capabilities are secure and flexible allows your business to run efficiently. Evolving Solutions provides custom networking solutions designed for your IT organization’s specific needs. We help our customers with a wide array of networking products and options. We offer innovative consulting for Wide Area Network (WAN) Solutions and Local Area Network (LAN) Solutions..



Computer virus concept in word tag cloud on white background

Talk more about Virus Detected

A computer virus is a program designed to harm or cause harm on an infected computer. Its spreads through e-mail attachments, portable devices, websites containing malicious scripts and file downloads. A computer virus attaches itself to the host files and always activate whenever you open the infected files. The virus can replicate itself and then infect the other files on your computer causing more damage.




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